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Our Service Manager

Jack Zevenbergen joined Barnard’s Truck Sales and Service Ltd. in 1997 and climbed the ladder quickly to become a highly respected service manager. He has 30 years of experience at both fleet and dealership levels in the trucking industry, and his knowledge is truly commendable. Being a licensed machinist who knows his job well, he has been a priceless asset to Barnard’s Truck Sales & Service Ltd.

Jack is well known for his leadership skills, knowledge, and honesty, and he continues to be a contributing member at Barnard’s Truck Sales And Service Ltd. His strong work ethic is inspiring, and it has set an example for the rest of the team to follow.

When Jack is not fixing trucks and trailers at our facility, he loves to work on other vehicles and antique snowmobiles. His fully restored 1956 Ford Crown Vic had been featured in a Hot Rod Calendar. We’ll use this opportunity to thank Jack from the bottom of our hearts for his impeccable service for 15 years.

Contact our service manager to schedule a truck/trailer repair and service appointment.

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